Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know that feeling?

When you know only a couple words or beats to a song, and can recite them PERFECTLY, but you forget the rest and can't even remember the name of the song?

Well this god damn song evaded me for way too long and I finally found it.

SO HA! Take THAT!!


  1. Can't see the video as it's blocked, but I do know what you mean about only remembering partial lyrics, sometimes it's not even the main lyrics that you remember....

  2. Won't let me watch this particular video cause it says that "the uploaded has not made this available in your country". What's the name and artist? I'm sure it's a good song since you usually post awesome ones.

  3. Aww. Video is not available in my country, apparently. =(

  4. love kardinal offishall and this track!